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“Mike Knoche and Straight Ahead Construction undertook a major renovation on our 28 year old home during the summer of 2013. Essentially they took off the roof, replaced it with a new highly energy efficient roof, added an upstairs bathroom, and renovated most of the home from the top down.

Despite a very late spring that caused our project to begin much later than anticipated, Mike kept things moving along smoothly from one part of the project to the next. Plumbers, electricians, painters, etc., were all lined up and ready to begin work as soon as needed.

From the beginning of the project to the end, Mike worked with us to ensure that we stayed within budget while getting as many improvements and little luxuries as possible. Throughout the entire renovation (and even afterward) Mike was always available for a quick consult or to share his creative flair and expertise as we tried to decide on materials and fixtures.

I very much appreciated that the house and yard were kept as clean and neat as possible given the scope of work.

Our renovated home is warmer and more comfortable than it has ever been. The bathrooms and finish work are beautifully done. It would be difficult to overstate how much we are enjoying our “new” home.

Mike Knoche and Straight Ahead Construction will be our first call when we’re ready to build the new deck and stairs.”

- Linda and Mark Harriger Fairbanks

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How to stabilize a tongue and groove second story of a home

In Fairbanks, Alaska, we are fairly minimalistic people and often this is applied to homes. In this home the second story is 1 1/4″ plywood and 2X6″ tongue and groove over two log walls and three log beams.

See that house here

The floor is a bit bouncy, as planned, but there were measures taken in advance to deal with it. The first was having several trusses engineered to attach some hardware to.

See those trusses here.

The next was having some receiving plates made to support steel rods that go through the beams.  Last week I posted pictures of these plates on our Facebook page and asked what they were for. Lots of great responses to that question!

Here are the receiving plates installed. Click here for a better image.


The exposed nut washer and some threading

straight ahead construction fairbanks alaska

Fairbanks Alaska construction contractor Straight Ahead Constrction

Now the support rods running from the roof rafters down through the interior closet and bathroom walls into the floor below.

Straight Ahead Construction Fairbanks, Alaska

Once the nuts were tightened, we were on to stocking sheet rock and doing the vapor barrier for the lid.

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siding contractor fairbanks alaska

“It was a small miracle to not need to climb up and down a ladder to and from the loft. The

stairs are beautiful. Only wish we had called BEFORE the baby was born!

Hey Team of Straight Ahead,

Thanks for transforming our home this summer. It went from a funky cabin to a swanky

house! The transformation included double paned windows, steel siding, finished

bathrooms fit for a king, and safety rails in the loft. The deck added a spectacular finish

to the house that we will enjoy for beers to come!

All the work was done in a friendly and consistent way that let my family and I focus on

other things this summer. Thank you for making it happen!

-Maya S., Fox, Alaska

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Fairbanks Alaska best contractor

How I repaired the vapor barrier in an old roof?

This home in Fairbanks, Alaska was built in the mid 80′s when the cost heating oil was not even considered an issue. As a result many homes in Fairbanks, Alaska have a poor or  non-existent vapor barrier.  There are some solutions to improve or replace the vapor barrier in an old home.  Here we see what I did to add a vapor barrier to an old roof.

IMG_0312The attic crawl space had some visqueen but it was not properly sealed so really did not provide a vapor barrier. The VB Doctor is seen here placing a new VB layer and sealing it with black death. After the new VB was installed in the attic space, we put 5/8″ sheet rock up to fire protection and to provide a backer for the spray foam.



Fairbanks Alaska roof vapor barrier repair

roof vapor barrier repair in Fairbanks, AlaskaBoth sides of the roof were sprayed and filled with 1 1/2″ of foam insulation the provide a vapor barrier and increased insulation. We hammer tacked the visqueen to the sheet rock so the heat created by the foam did not create bubbles in the plastic which would reduce the r-value of the insulation.

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How to make a cistern/ water catchment system


Some crafty clients of ours asked that we try to keep their bathtubs in tact as we demo’d the bathrooms for renovation.  Above you can see what the result was. All of the drains were tied together to kill filling the three tubs.  The overflow drain on the third tub was used for the same purpose on this system. A garden hose attachment was placed on the drain.  They get about 150-180 gallon of holding power.  Not bad.

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finish basement contractor fairbanks alaska

Testimonial for a bathroom renovation

Here is another bit of positive feedback from a client who’s bathroom we fixed in 2013.

“Mike Knoche of Straight Ahead Construction did a bathroom remodel for me May 2013. I needed to have a more handicapped accessible bathroom prior to knee replacement surgery. Within in a few days of contacting Mike he had an estimate for me and started to work shortly after. Within just a couple of weeks I had a beautiful new bathroom with a walk-in shower and custom made bench.
The work turned out better than I had hoped for. Mike and his assistant were great about listening to what my needs were and came up with ideas to make me the perfect bathroom. I would definitely use Straight Ahead Construction if I need more remodel services in the future.”

- Felicia Musick Fairbanks, Alaska

See the before and after photos here


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Leveling home built on permafrost

A huge number of homes have been built on permafrost in Fairbanks. I have built two on frost myself, improving the foundation on the second but even so permafrost seems to be thawing more rapidly these days.  The main reason to keep your house in check is that you don’t break your septic line and have to do extensive interior remodeling because of cracked sheetrock and damaged door jambs.

One corner of this house in Goldstream Valley was out 9 inches from the high point.

home foundation adjustments in Fairbanks Alaska

It’s not easy to see but this skirting on the low corner was about 14 inches in the air when we were done.

foundation adjustment and lelveling company Fairbanks

fairbanks alaska general contrctor new and old construction

There were no major mishaps on this job.  The septic line disconnected at a slip joint which was easily fixed and some of the doors that were reset between adjustments did not open and close well but that is par for the course.

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