Flooring install, cabinet setting, and Alaska birch trim and windows sills in Fairbanks, Alaska (Part 2)

 After the cabinet install, we moved on to tile on the kitchen floor and jatoba wood flooring in the main living area.

Fairbanks remodel contractor

Fiarbanks Alaska kitche tile

tile options for Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska wood floors

wood floors in Fairbanks alaska

in Fairbaks Alaska

We added a splash of tile for the piles of shoes from the piles of kids this family has!

See more photos of this work in our photo gallery. Or read reviews of this Fairbanks, Alaska general contractor here.


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Steel roofing in Fairbanks, Alaska

The old roof on this home was paper thin and we gave it a much needed facelift.

steel roof fairbanks alaska

Call Straight Ahead Construction for a free estimate on roof repair and replacement in Fairbanks, Alaska

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Flooring install, cabinet setting, and Alaska birch trim and windows sills in Fairbanks, Alaska (Part 1)

Straight Ahead Construction is a Fairbanks, Alaska residential/commercial contracting company.

We finished the interior of this owner built home.

We started with installing the cabinets….Fairbanks Alaska Kitchen remodel

Fairbanks Alaska cabinets

Fairbanks Alaska kitchens

The cabinets are Brazilian Cherry as is the floor which I will install in the next post on this house or see more in this gallery.

Thanks for stopping in. Straight Ahead Construction, LLC is a reputable Interior Alaska construction company with an experienced staff and all our proper licensing.  See what our clients think about our work here on our testimonials page.

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See Fairbanks, Alaska contractor reviews here.

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Composite (Top Choice) deck and cable rail- Fairbanks, Alaska

The old deck on this house in Fairbanks, Alaska was hanging on b a thread when we showed up. We ripped it off and found that part of the rim joist and top plate were rotten. A small stumbling block but a relatively easy fix.

fairbanks alaska deck  deck builders in fairbanks The house also had a nice bow to it so the joists we laid out 16 o.c. and then we snapped a line to make the outside rm joist straight.  Taking time to deal wit the small details assures a quality product.

composite deck builder in Fairbanks  composite decking in fairbanks, alaskaThe final lines of cable rail going up along the stairs.  Ready for the city inspector.

Straight Ahead Construction is and Interior Alaska general contractor with a residential endorsement. We are licensed, bonded, insured and specialize in home renovation, decks, window replacement, foundation leveling and repair, additions and new home construction in Fairbanks, Alaska. Call for a free estimate today!

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Sheetrock going up sure makes this remodel feel like a new home…

Here are some pics from a recent remodel in Ester Alaska. See more of what Straight Ahead Construction,llc is all about here and see some great chainsaw remodeling VIDEO on our Facebook page. The video is also a great walk through of pre-sheetrock!

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fairbanks alaska framer

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finish carpenter fairbanks

glulams fairbanks alaska

fairbanks alaska sheet rocker





Rotten window jams and window repairs

This Fairbanks, Alaska home was built during the building boom of the 1990′s.  I actually did some of the finish work on it while working for another general contractor. Whoever installed the windows did not seal them properly which caused drafts and poor moisture control. I do not have great photos of the slime as I was not on site when my then lead carpenter started the project but here is some of the window sill production and replacement.

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window replacement fairbanks alaskaWe replaced 3 windows and 6 sills in this house.

 Fairbanks Alaska finish carpenterThe basement block was pretty out of square which made the sill “ears” a bit of a challenge.

Interior Alaska finish workLuke stands by one of the 8′+ sills

Fairbanks Alaska window replacement


Please contact Straight Ahead Construction about window replacement, finish work, or general home improvement. See our testimonials or visit our website for more information.

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